Chives, parsley, basil and other fresh herbs of Norma’s proprietary BIO SONNE label have gotten a makeover, saving resources. The food retailer is now wrapping the pots in unbleached, wet-strength paper, thus saving 5.5 grams of plastic per item. What doesn’t sound like much at first, will eventually add up to more than 4 tonnes.

But that’s not all: NORMA not only reduces the use of plastic through the use of this new packaging; the paper that is used instead is FSC-certified and comes from sustainable forestry. This means that nothing stands in the way of 100 per cent recycling of the packaging. Water-based ink is used for labelling the packaging, which means that there is no risk of contamination by solvents when processing the waste product.

Potted herbs in compostable packaging / Picture: Norma

Reducing plastic waste
Nuremberg-based food discounter NORMA has been committed to the reduction of plastic waste for years. To this end, the packaging of numerous products has already been revised and replaced by more resource-friendly alternatives. In cases where, for example, plastic cannot be dispensed with for hygienic reasons, the company – in close coordination with its partners and manufacturers – will reduce the thickness of the packaging in order to save at least a few grams. All in all, NORMA has already been able to drastically reduce plastic consumption in this way and is doing its part to protect the environment.

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