The Qlipr plant clamping system – a system that has already gained a strong footing in the cucumber and tomato cultivation sector – consists of the popular galvanised crop hook, in combination with two stainless steel clips. Pellikaan Plant Clamping Systems recently introduced a new version of this crop hook.

This redesigned version has a hook of 140 cm long (but is also available in the length of your choice), has an extra ‘stop’ at a height of 50 cm above the lower stop to cater for hanging lengths that differ in spring and summer. This ensures the fruit always hangs at the desired height.

The redesigned hook can also be used in low-tech glasshouses without a pipe rail system. By attaching the hook to a lower crop wire (at 250 cm in the middle of the path), crop and harvesting work can be carried out at an ergonomically favourable height. This improves working conditions, which in turn increases the productivity of your employees.

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