What if you could predict the future of your harvest based on data? What if you could plan ahead and make more data-driven decisions that saves time and takes away the guesswork? Due to a high demand for this type of technology, Grodan recently improved the Yield Forecaster in the e-Gro Essential Package in order to make this dream a reality. This module is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is uniquely tailored to your greenhouse. The power of AI allows us to correlate historical data with current situation, something that is impossible to do accurately without technology.

The AI Driven model
e-Gro’s Yield Forecaster can add real value by predicting yield based on a combination of historical data. The innovative technology analyzes all the available data in your greenhouse, finds patterns, and unlocks critical factors that influence yield. Simply put, it predicts your weekly harvest (kg/m2) into the future: 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks out.

Making sure you have the right budget predictions, price calculations, and labor planning is often challenging, time-consuming, and difficult. Conditions in a greenhouse change constantly due to both indoor factors, such as climate, type of greenhouse and labor, and outdoor conditions, such as wind, sunlight and CO₂ levels. All of these factors affect the growth of your plants and, consequently, the quality and quantity of your harvested crops. These conditions change every day, so anticipating your next steps can be difficult. So how will the new Yield Forecaster module help you?

More accurate insights 4 weeks in advance: With the Yield Forecaster you are able to calculate yield results four weeks in advance and compare the realized yield with the predicted yield for additional insights. 24/7 on any mobile device, anytime, anywhere.
Determine optimal product and price range: You can aim for optimal product and price ranges based on yield forecast, making it easier to meet marketing and sales commitments. Additionally, the Yield Forecaster helps you gain a stronger position for price trading with third parties in the markets, such as trade organizations. Since the Yield Forecaster helps forecast how much harvest will be produced, the purchase of crops at inflated prices to cover shortages is reduced and therefore has a positive impact on your business.
Get more control: With the Yield Forecaster you gain more control over labor planning, packaging, storage and shipping thanks to predictions four weeks in advance, helping you to plan and control resources to save costs.
Optimize time and growth: If you can predict your yield accurately using certain parameters like irrigation and CO₂, you can also determine how to adjust these to get more yield. In other words, you can optimize your growing.
Reduce food waste: The better you can predict your harvest quantity, the better you can make decisions. Not only does this prevent extra costs because of bad market prices or warehouse costs, it ultimately saves food and lowers waste in order to become a more sustainable business.

Powered by data
Grodan’s new Yield Forecaster is the next step in data-driven precision growing. There is so much data available in the greenhouse and we are increasingly able to combine this data to determine the correct insights and decisions. Manually this is complex, overwhelming, time consuming and often inaccurate. You need to determine the precise factors in order to improve the overall yield of a greenhouse and reduce needed resources. New technology, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) allows us to make significant steps towards utmost efficiency and ease.

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