‘Educate yourself online anytime at anyplace’
The Priva Academy is a free online education service that offers growers and Priva partners and employees the possibility to learn more about the different aspects of irrigation, climate, energy, labor and production processes in a horticultural, indoor and building environment. It is not just one training, but a whole platform of knowledge which offers the possibility to have contact with instructors and other participants.

Stay up to date
The Priva Academy makes it possible to do a different kind of courses which meet personal needs, or which are required for a job. It helps your company to stay up-to-date.

Benefits for managers
• Less travel and accommodation costs.
• More inside information on the level of knowledge of your employees.

Benefits for employees
• The course can be paused and resumed later.
• Everyone can work at their own pace.
• No need to travel to obtain relevant knowledge.

“The Priva Academy contributes to our mission. By sharing knowledge as efficient as possible and by using less natural recourses like energy, we are creating a climate for growth. “

Sign up for the Priva Academy for free on www.priva.com/academy.