An interesting development: PERLIGRAN® substrates are becoming more and more popular in food cultivation. Especially soft fruits can be cultivated in closed systems using the RHP-certified and FibL-listed material.

Soft fruit growing in closed systems is a future trend. Thanks to cultivation outside the regular season, a big yield can be generated on a small space, with harvesting time prolonged to a whole year. Also punctual planning of harvests, reduction of water and fertilizer use as well as minimising of soil pests and diseases make the closed approach in substrate cultures promising.

The perlite substrate PERLIGRAN® is the best choice for a reliable and profi table cultivation. It features a nearly dust-free substrate quality and ensures good stability with less sagging in the substrate. It also offers a long-term optimized air-waterbalance as well as very good drainage characteristics. The material is RHP-certified and has also received the approbation as an additive for organic farming and therefore can be found on the FibL list.

PERLIGRAN® can also be used as a mineral additive to other substrates as compost, wood fi bres, humus, green manure or coconut fibres, which more and more replace conventional peat. As a remedy for their reduced drainage capability, PERLIGRAN® is the perfect solution. It ensures a loose and drainage-able substrate over many years. Like this, soft fruits as strawberries and blueberries, but also cranberries or raspberries rapidly grow up to profi table harvests.

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