With innovative fabrics and screens for greenhouses. Shading, climatizing, energy saving at the same time.

Since established in 1952 REIMANNTEXTILES has continuously developed and created fabrics for horticulture.

Since more than 50 years we produce shading screens. Since more than 25 years we produce flame retardant screens.

Pyrotex® is the flame-retardant high-class textile screen for garden-centers with varieties in white, grey or light mediterranean colours or individually designed in striped patterns for the garden-centers’ corporate design.

Pyrotex® Akustik will be presented at the IPM 2020 as a novelty. The special textiles construction will absorb noise and thus reduce sound impact/reflection specially in the café area and children’s playground.

Specially developed for production greenhouse are the screens of the Reimatex® family with different shading degrees, high energy saving or high air permeability in the Reimatex® AIR version.
Reimatex® PLUS is a double weave screen with extra energy saving potential.
Reimatex® BLACKOUT is a black double layer screen with extra textile components for a better humidity exchange.

PyroNet® for outer shading is a long-lasting open weave fabric in white, grey or green colour.

With Edeltraud Strangl and Silke Tegeler, our new Head of Sale, and more salespeople we want to word even closer with our customers.

Equipped with this wide range of screens we are expecting an exciting year 2020 with our long term partners and new clients.

More Information: www.ugaatbouwen.com/reimann-spinnerei-und-weberei-gmbh