With innovative fabrics and screens for greenhouses – shading, climatizing and energy saving at the same time.

Since established in 1952 Reimann has continuously developed and created fabrics for horticulture.

PyroSilver®Ultra with interwoven aluminium stripes is the bestseller screen for gardencenters in Germany.

Pyrotex® is a high class textile screen with varieties of light mediteranean colours for gardencenters and glass architecture all over Europe.

Specially developed for production greenhouses are the screens oft the Reimatex® family with either high energy saving or as an „air version.“

„With a new head of sales and an updated sales team we are looking forward to succsessful business with our longtime clients as well as new ones“, explain Monika and Andreas Reimann.

More information: www.ugaatbouwen.com/reimann-spinnerei-und-weberei-gmbh