As the first weaving mill – since more than 50 years – as the first weaving mill in Germany – REIMANN develops and produces high quality greenhouse curtains for horticulture made from synthetic fibres.

Also a pioneer in flame retardant fabrics REIMANN offers a wide range of protective screens, not only for decorative purposes in garden centres, but also for climate, shading, energy saving and blackout applications in plant production greenhouses.

Flame retardant screens have become standard in North and Central Europe and in North America.

After the introduction of these screens the numbers of disastrous fires have been drastically reduced.

There are good reasons to choose REIMANN screens:
• creation of a perfect plant climate
• diffuse light options for better yield
• light reduction from 17 – 99 %
• high energy savings
• unsurpassed lifetime

Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of greenhouse business !

Original REIMANN brands are:
Reimatex®, Pyrotex®, Aluscreen®, PyroSilver®Ultra

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