In addition to the launch of a new OKO Immersive solution at Mucci Farms, the companies have signed an agreement to pursue 2021/2022 product development research in Mucci Farms’ Ontario greenhouse facilities.

“Mucci Farms’ expansive facilities and diverse crop selection provides the ideal environment for us to launch our tested commercial products and take major strides towards developing future ones,” the ecoation team says. “The primary research objective aims to fine-tune the functionalities of our future precision treatment solutions with the invaluable insights of one of North America’s most prominent and reputable agriculture powerhouses: Mucci Farms.”

Since commercial deployment in 2019, ecoation has benefited from 18-months of field operation experience in greenhouses around the world and invaluable customer feedback. These lessons were distilled into hardware upgrades launched this past December, allowing the new OKO platform to deliver in three key solution areas (IPM, Yield Production Assessment, and Crop Work) and be easily accessible with deployment options for existing greenhouse carts.

The OKO Immersive platform launching in Mucci Farms facilities provides critical plant health measurements and includes exciting new features like the completely immersive 360 8K view of the greenhouse and low latency data exchange capabilities

“We are very excited about our collaboration with Mucci Farms. They are one of the most proactive and modern greenhouses in the world, making this a natural place for us to deploy our bleeding-edge technology,” commented ecoation Founder and CEO, Dr. Saber Miresmailli. “Mucci Farms is a technology pioneer who is defining new standards in the industry. To have them as both a paying customer of existing ecoation technology and research collaborator on our future developments gives ecoation first hand insight into the future of farming and informs us on how we can play a role in its formation and advancement. Our Human+Machine platform can significantly benefit from collaboration with the amazing team at Mucci Farms who are masters of their craft and among the best in the industry.”

“At Mucci Farms, our goal, first and foremost, is to find the best solutions that allow us to efficiently provide consumers with consistent, fresh, flavourful fruits and vegetables. We meet these goals with a strong emphasis on research and development which is one of the main pillars of our company, and we are excited to partner with ecoation to further our efforts to advance the greenhouse industry,” commented Mucci Farms CEO, Bert Mucci.

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