Recently, Dutch Stichting de Zaaier was proud to announce that three water systems are being sent to Congo thanks to donations from partners. Now, there is also some bad news. Considerable damage has been done to another agricultural project in Congo by rebels. This time more than regular maintenance is needed, according to a message from the foundation.

“Everything needs to be cleaned up and rebuilt. Rebels destroyed the greenhouses after all the inhabitants had fled.”

The project is in the northeast of Congo in Oicha. The project, called Greenhouses by De Zaaier, is designed to provide inhabitants with income, employment, but also a healthy and balanced diet.

Over the years, the Congolese have gained a lot of experience and are working independently on the project that is also equipped with greenhouses. Stichting de Zaaier still contributes when maintenance is needed.

A greenhouse built by De Zaaier in Oicha in better times. Photo: De Zaaier

Which is the case now. Due to the damages, they are looking for donations. De Zaaier is already busy with restoration. More information here.

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