Agriculture 4.0 definitely presents many advantages in terms of sustainability and economic and environmental efficiency. Even though it may seem difficult to apply for those who are used to employing traditional methods, digitally managed crops are growing rapidly in greenhouses where the environment is already monitored. 
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The machine is equipped with a self-learning system that calculates the exact length of the greenhouse at the first start. With a view to production with greater efficiency and automation, it is possible to create the daily and weekly wetting schedule that can be modulated continuously, by sector or flow. The power panel is installed on the greenhouse and the commands take place via WI-FI from a smartphone, tablet or PC with the new application.

Idroterm Serre has introduced a new irrigation boom model, i.e. Idrojet smart 4.0 with an innovative web-based control system thanks to which it is possible to program and manage irrigation either wireless via an internal local network using all kinds of devices (smartphone, tablet, pc…) or via cabled ethernet. In addition, thanks to the new Idroterm live cloud services, remote control and diagnosis are possible as well as countless other services (updates, new features, backups and resets).

The project
Products are developed not just “for clients” but mainly “with clients” – this is how the smart boom was born. By collecting the needs and suggestions of those who work in greenhouses everyday and considering that nowadays anything can be done via smartphone, the company opted for a simple smart digital irrigation bar that can be managed via smart wireless.

Idrojet smart 4.0 can be used to create programs, manage sectors both via self-learning or direct inputs, set daily or weekly operations, access logs, monitor accesses and much more. Thanks to predictive programs, it is possible to know remaining irrigation times in real time. A true revolution. 

These booms may be subject to the benefits or tax relief envisaged by the current incentive programs for agriculture 4.0 machinery. 

Technical characteristics
Idrojet smart 4.0 booms are irrigation machines with a recirculating pipe suspension system: the water pipe and power cables “recirculate” on air stirrups without creating obstacles. To ensure machine stability, it slides on a double rail. The recirculation satellite is moved synchronously via cable referrals.

The efficient distribution of water and fertilizers is managed via solenoid vales, which modulate times and flows according to the characteristics of the specific crop. It is possible to manage up to three lines: water, fertilizers and/or high-pressure for treatments.

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The future
Customer feedback has been great, as this revolution simplifies the work while saving time and resources.

In the future, it will be possible to monitor via web platform also Idro-x fertigation machines and the Idroclima climatic computer. The objective is to provide an integrated irrigation/fertilization/climate computer to implement agriculture 4.0 principles more and more. 

Idroterm specializes in the design and manufacture of greenhouses and systems and boasts over 40 years of experience. It has always focused on innovation at the service of protected crops aiming at sustainability. Over the years, Idroterm has developed hydroponic, aeroponic, photovoltaic and biomass heating systems.

In 2021 Idroterm created a new model of Idrojet smart 4.0 irrigation bar  with web-based control system via a dedicated application, where irrigation is managed via Wi-Fi with any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, PC ..)

Idroterm offers a range of cultivation systems and solutions for the optimal management and maintenance of each type of greenhouse and for each type of crop. With turnkey formulas Idroterm is able to offer a precise and professional solution for any need, degree of complexity and size of the structure.

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