Based on the experience of plant protection in protected soil, as well because of close cooperation with agronomists of greenhouse complexes, the team with Walzmatic has created robot sprayer Agro Jet 300R. “This is the first sprayer in the world with automatically adjustable sprayer boom, so you do not have to make any effort to adjust it to the desired height,” they say.

“Walzmatic Agro Jet 300R is made entirely of food grade AISI 304 stainless steel, which provides excellent protection against chemicals and eliminates corrosion for a lifetime,” they show. “The operation has never been so easy, with just one joystick. There’s also a large waterproof touch panel (9″). The sprayer can easily move along the concrete path, and the simple setting of the spraying and travel parameters can only delight.”

The sprayer has a 300-liter tank with a built-in stirring function. “Our robot sprayer is completely free of drive chains and belts – thus reducing maintenance costs.” The Empas nozzles can be adjusted easily.

Special attention should be paid to the heart of the robot – this is a plunger pump with an electric motor controlled by a controller, which, in turn, is connected to a motion controller. “This solution allows you to very accurately supply the solution, depending on the speed of movement, and, if necessary, fine-tune the program parameters.”

The Walzmatic team is confirmed that their new Walzmatic Agro Jet 300R sets a new standard in plant protection in greenhouse complexes.

“We’ve incorporated an electric flow meter as standard an used self-centering swivel wheels, excluding rubbing against pipe rails during operation. Then there’s a built-in ultra-reliable charger and the machine is equipped with high-capacity traction batteries of the Russian manufacturer.”

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