Russian startup company BumbTech has started pilot testing of the natural pollinators management platform in the university’s greenhouse of RSAU-Moscow Agricultural Academy named after Timiryazev.

The BumbTech station and the cloud-based BumbTech platform allow greenhouse companies to automate controlling of bumblebees activity and optimize operational costs for crop pollination service for tomato greenhouses, including reducing the risk of crop loss. Remote access to the natural pollinators management platform for qualified greenhouse experts helps to solve the problem of lack of qualified resources.

The result of this cooperation can be the optimization of operational costs for tomato pollination in the university greenhouse. It will be possible to train students to use the BumbTech cloud platform for monitoring bumblebees properly 24/7.

BumbTech developing a cloud-based platform for natural pollinators monitoring in greenhouses, vertical farms, fruit tree gardens, and apiaries using AI and IoT.

For more information, check this website in Russian.