Ntando lives in Pinetown, KZN, and she used to have a stable job in mechanical engineering sales. Unfortunately, her company decided to move their premises, from Pinetown to Johannesburg. This would mean that Ntando would have to uproot her family and move too if she wanted to keep the job.

Where she had previously been too busy to look after the garden, she now had more than enough time to put some love and care into it and since it had now been bothering her, that’s exactly what she decided to do.

So she bought R389 worth of seeds, planted peppers, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower, and when the harvest was too much to just feed her family, she started selling the rest of the produce to the members of her community. In a few months, everyone knew about Ntando’s garden and her delicious produce, even a local Pick n Pay who was having difficulty with a pepper provider, came knocking and asked her to supply their store.

Finally, she requested approval from her local municipality to set up a tunnel farm in her backyard, the application was approved and she was able to increase her farming capacity.

Two years later, Elite Crop is a fully operational business with many clients, including providing eights tonnes of frozen vegetables to Oxford Fresh Market’s three stores in Durban and she has just signed a contract to supply dried production to a partner in Dubai. She has also been able to provide 40 people with jobs and they are now in the process of conducting interviews in order to hire another 40 people.

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