The cold weather with snow and rain recorded recently has been taking a toll on the Spanish vegetable production. “Last week was a difficult one. There was suddenly scarcity in the production from Murcia and it became more expensive,” says sales manager Paul van Groningen, of the firm Greenfood Iberica, from Girona, Spain. Nevertheless, according to him, the situation has remained manageable. “Besides some changes in loading and delivery days, we’ve hardly had to cancel anything and we were fortunately able to make our contracted deliveries.”

Iceberg lettuce with frost damage

“At the moment, the situation is a lot more relaxed. Cauliflower is still very scarce, but the product will become more widely available at the end of this week or the next. What is also scarce and will remain scarce next week is Asian vegetables such as bok choy. This is a consequence of both the low supply caused by the weather over the past three weeks and the higher demand due to the upcoming Chinese New Year,” says Paul.

“The prices of typical Almeria products, such as eggplant, zucchini and cucumbers and, to a lesser extent, bell peppers, shot up last week. However, pepper prices have already been dropping again. Eggplant and zucchini are still very expensive, but I hear from various customers that products from other countries, such as Turkey, Greece and Italy, have arrived on the markets, causing prices to start falling. It remains to be seen whether eggplants and zucchini will continue to be expensive,” says Paul.

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