Selecta One has released its new 2021 Poinsettia CatalogThe 45-page catalog includes two new varieties, ‘Orange Glow’ and ‘Christmas Mouse’. 

“Selecta One wants to be a poinsettia-growing partner from start to finish,” says Gary VollmerSelecta One’s Product and Technical Support Manager. “We trialed extensively to cover every region, pot size, and season so growers can have the most successful poinsettia season yet.” 

The New Varieties 

The two new varieties introduced in the poinsettia catalog are ‘Orange Glow’ and ‘Christmas Mouse’. 

‘Orange Glow’ is described as a true-orange poinsettia that flowers early, around mid-November. It finishes right in time for Thanksgiving, which its fall color complements. 

‘Christmas Mouse’ is a red poinsettia with mouse-ear shaped bracts. “It’s a strong red novelty, ideal for target sales to new, young poinsettia customers,” Vollmer says.  

Tips for Growers 

Vollmer adds his own tips for growing each poinsettia in the form of “Gary’s Notes.” You can go online to ask Vollmer any technical questions about proper propagation 

The catalog also features a comprehensive culture guide to help with finishingIt also points out which varieties are recommended for specific regions. 

The catalog is available now online as well as quick cultivation guides. The full PDF version of this and previous catalogs can be downloaded here. 

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