Maximizing drainwater reusage enables growers to enhance plant resilience. Smart water treatment is essential to optimize your reusage and move forward to a zero-emission greenhouse. Next to the purification and disinfection of drainwater a large number of growers will need to desalinate their drain to avoid discharge of valuable nutrient rich water due to e.g. rising sodium levels.

Water IQ International introduces her Forward Nano ® membrane solution as Opticlear Diamond add-on for selective desalination. The aim: retain valuable drainwater by selective removal of monovalent salts like sodium and chlorides.The inseperable combination with the Opticlear Diamond technology (based on adsorption filtration and advanced oxidation) ensures a strong lifetime performance of the membranes.

With selective filtration, disinfection and desalination theOpticlear Diamond Forward Nano ®offers an all-in-one solution for horticulture water treatment.

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