Sercom proudly presents its new website: With the design and completely new composition, a clear and complete picture of the activities in various segments and the latest developments is communicated.

To further support this launch and to give it a festive edge, SERCOM has decided to create a special action, that will benefit the end user considerably.

For the operating software SercoVision, many additional software options have been created in the course of time. These were developed to make the quality of the products transparent, to save energy and to optimize the entire process.

Because it is very beneficial to use these options, SERCOM now offers the possibility to purchase the additional PC software in subscription form. There is a choice of three packages, whereby the subscription price is calculated per month and is depending on the selected package.

However, this is not all. In combination with this subscription offer, SERCOM offers a one-off opportunity to purchase the upgrade to SercoVision 5, at a discount of 50%.

To give a clear picture of the functionality of the PC software options, the necessary instruction videos can be viewed on the new website.

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