“Next month, we will introduce two innovative products we called Linea Chef, proof that it is possible to create high-end ready-to-eat dishes that are healthy and easy to use. We are the pioneers when it comes to single-dose sauces, which boast many advantages – they are resistant to contaminations from external agents and are easily poured thus reducing waste,” explains Stefania Montali, marketing manager and owner of Industrie Montali.

https://agfstorage.blob.core.windows.net/misc/FP_it/2020/09/28/MONTALIindex.jpgIn the photo: Stefania Montali.

Industrie Montali is a historic company boasting over 100 years of history, which has always managed to meet consumer needs regardless of the changes in lifestyle and consumption habits that have occurred over the past twenty years. The Montali family started processing tomato paste and evolved to produce a wide assortment of single-dose sauces and pâtés in tubes.

These products taste good and are healthy, considering also the high content of raw material (80%). 90 g single-dose sauces have the same characteristics of freshly-picked tomatoes. In addition, each recipe contains the essence of the Italian culinary tradition (tomato pulp, extra-virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese).

“Over the past year, we doubled the turnover despite the problems caused by the pandemic to logistics and processing speed. This was certainly due to the reliability of our service and the fact we pay the utmost attention to each client. What is more, recipes are slightly adapted to the tastes of the various countries of destination. Aluminum tear-open pouches reduce the space occupied on the shelves by 30% and help diminish the energy costs of the logistic chain.”

90 gram single-dose sauces are available in the following versions:

Arrabbiata: for lovers of sharp and spicy flavors;
Boscaiola: the delicate flavor of porcini mushrooms is exalted by the smooth flavor of cream;
Basil: traditional tomato sauce with a lot of nice basil, for the lovers of simple and delicate flavors;
Neapolitan: natural tomatoes meet the genuine flavors of healthy vegetables;
Olives and capers: a typical Mediterranean flavor.
Pesto: a rich and flavorful pesto made according to tradition;

The two-figure growth of the Easy Montali line was driven by single-dose pouches and tubes, followed by organic productions which are no longer a fad, but have become part of a vision of the world that includes vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. The bio-vegan market is gaining popularity and is suitable for those who have chosen a diet free from animal-derived ingredients. This specific segment exceeded the turnover percentages of traditional lines.

“The strong limitations to imports and exports due to the pandemic have had a considerable impact on the loads sent by sea. In addition, there is a lack of containers used to ship goods overseas. The demand of containers is therefore high, meaning shipment prices increase, as do those of goods. Considering that 90% of our turnover comes from the US, we are pleased we used small packets that take up little space.”

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