Food waste occurs at every step of the supply chain from the farm to the consumer’s kitchen, and globally, approximately 30 percent of food produced for human consumption is lost somewhere within this chain. A company called Surge Alert aims to reduce food waste through its climate monitoring devices and 24/7 alerts.

Surge Alert produces what it calls beacons, which are small devices that can be placed in greenhouses, refrigerated transportation, restaurant walk-in fridges, and freezers, or throughout a farm. The beacons most importantly measure temperature and humidity, which can quickly cause crops and produce to perish. Another variable measured is light, which effects the rate at which the plant grows. If there is an environmental change, wherever a beacon is placed, the user receives a notification on the Surge Alert app.

The company trialed the beacons and IoT technology on farms to determine how this solution could reduce food waste at the start of the food supply chain. One example from the trial came from a farm called Geneva Lakes Produce in Wisconsin, which used beacons to monitor a greenhouse. When the temperature dropped considerably on a winter night, the farmer received the temperature notification right away and was able to adjust the temperature before any of the crop spoiled.

Surge Alert recently launched an e-commerce platform for its starter kits and additional products, and its customers include individuals, food companies, restaurants, farms, distributors, and buyers from other industries. Currently, the company is offering a special of three months of free cellular data and cloud storage with the purchase of a starter kit.

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