Technical Absorbents Agrotas range of Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF) and converted nonwoven fabrics, allow you to achieve optimum nurturing and growth conditions whilst effectively reducing overall water use.

Agrotas Durable Fabrics are easily installed 15 to 20 cm below ground level. They work by absorbing the correct quantity of water, providing the optimum moisture environment for plant growth. The result – a 30% reduction in water usage for large grassed areas. The fabrics won’t biodegrade or lose performance over the long-term.

Agrotas Liner Fabrics can simply be cut to shape and used in the base of potted plants, hanging baskets and vertical gardens. They decrease water usage by up to 50% and significantly reduce re-watering.

Agrotas Surface Fabrics can also be positioned around the plant on top of the soil. This offers additional benefits of reducing weed growth, improving the overall thermal regulation of the soil environment and acts as a fertigation aid.

Agrotas Wrap Fabrics are positioned directly in contact with root systems, offering a direct watering function to plant’s roots. This technology is invaluable for ensuring optimum conditions for plants that are to be transported. In addition, SAF can also be mixed directly into the soil in which plants are being grown. Moisture is then released over time, straight to the plant’s roots.

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