The African anticyclone is warming up the entire Italian peninsula, an it will continue until next weekend, especially in central and southern regions.

“We would need such a mild climate on a more constant basis, as it is precisely the factor that has allowed us to seasonally adjust our strawberry production. In these few days of sunshine and high temperatures even above 20°C, we have recorded an increase in yields of around 20%,” explained Carmela Suriano, of Compagnia delle Primizie, from Policoro (Matera).

Melissa® fields

“At the moment, we have harvested about 100 g/plant of Rossetta® and Gioelita® cultivars, and 120 g/plant for Melissa and 150 g/plant of Marimbella. Temperatures like the current ones not only affect sales of seasonal products such as strawberries, but also affect our mood, especially after one year of pandemics”.

NSG 120 (Rossetta®) fields

“We thought that last week’s low temperatures would affect the crops, but fortunately this was not the case. The greenhouse tunnels protected the plants very well. The demand for strawberries is growing steadily, but since the beginning of the week we have had a significant increase in orders, thanks to the good weather in the central and northern areas.

Fields of NSG 207 (Gioelita®)

“There are no problems with surplus production. On the contrary, we cannot cope with the many requests. The absence of a strong supply from other production areas, both national and international, allows the strawberries from Metapontino to be sold at good prices and with no particular problems. The strawberry campaign is still a long one, we have more than three months of harvesting and marketing ahead of us”.

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