Polycarbonate –  a naturally transparent thermoplastic that can transmit light on a similar level to glass, but with the added benefit of being far stronger and resilient than other types of plastic – offers greenhouse growers a cost-effective cladding that can help them produce at the highest level.

Polycarbonate greenhouse kits are cost-efficient structures that help growers lower expenses and increase profits. Their thermal efficiency and ability to retain heat allow operations to save money on heating costs and grow year-round, regardless of where the structure is located.

Effective insulation and light diffusion create superior growing conditions to produce higher-quality crops as well. Longer growing seasons, coupled with improved crop quality, help growers sell more plants for a higher price, leading to a potential increase in profits.

A polycarbonate greenhouse also mitigates concern over having to perform maintenance or replace cladding. Polycarbonate is both flame-resistant and shatter-resistant, so growers know their crops are always well-protected. This means the structure requires little maintenance or cleaning, even years after it has been erected.