“Our crops have that extra something thanks to brackish irrigation water, which conveys extraordinary organoleptic properties,” explains Angelo Barone, who owns a company together with his father Francesco, located a stone’s throw from Scoglitti (Ragusa).

Francesco and Angelo Barone

The family business covers 2.5 hectares and is currently managed by the third generation. Over the years, it managed to adapt to trends, innovating crop techniques and updating the facilities, which are all made of iron and boast high-tech solutions.

The company is the perfect example of Sicilian greenhouse cultivation. The choice of specializing exclusively on table tomatoes, mainly red bunch tomatoes, was made because of their higher value compared to other cultivars.

“Years ago, we decided to capitalize our investment and focus mainly on plum tomatoes. Some time ago, we started growing an excellent variety that works perfectly with our microclimate – SV1201TC by Seminis. It is highly productive in a period when a lot of diseases, ToBRFV included, are affecting the territory. Plant health is surprising, the rachis is robust, dark green and very elegant and fruits are harmoniously proportioned with an excellent balance between acidity and sugar content.”

The lesser susceptibility to disease can make the difference between a good and a mediocre campaign. Varietal choice is therefore of predominant importance.

“We do not commercialize the produce ourselves, but we may think about it in the future. At the moment, we just send the produce to our PO. We also grow cherry and midi-plum tomatoes (Maraskino – see photo below), which makes us more appealing to those looking for products with a high degree of specialization. Anyway we are working on a brand to make us recognizable among all the other generic crates.”

“Brackish water represents our added value – a characteristic that makes our tomatoes not only more appealing, but also sweeter thanks to 1-2 additional Brix degrees.”

For further information:
Angelo Barone
Azienda Agricola Barone
C.da Berdia/Macconi
97019 Vittoria (RG)
+39 339 6445766