“We ended 2020 with an 18% growth, so we can be pleased with the commercial trend. These results make us understand we are on the right path – clients trust us and new clients bet on Girò Italia increasing our presence on the domestic market,” reports Franco Locati, sales manager at Girò Italia, a specialist in packaging solutions.

In the photo, Franco Locati sales manager at Girò Italia.

“We are aware that part of the increased turnover of 2020 is a consequence of the dynamics generated by Covid-19. 2021 will be more complicated due to the economic difficulties caused by the enduring pandemic but, considering what announced by the European Community, we are confident there will be new opportunities when things will restart. We are ready to interpret the market changes currently underway – our green revolution has started!”

During this phase, the big retail chain in particular is looking for an alternative for plastic, although the fresh produce sector is the one making the most rational use of it.

“A leading group such as ours cannot refrain from finding smart solutions and provide answers suitable for a changing world. The path is leading towards ultra-light plastic materials, solutions made of single materials to be recycled easily (compostable or biodegradable), yet light in order to reduce the environmental impact of the logistic chain as well as to avoid having a waste surplus and disposal problems.”

With this in mind, parent company Girò Gh is working on new projects to provide the answers the market is requiring – in fact, already in 2020, it presented the fully-compostable EcoGirò packaging.

“We were the first to present a fully compostable packaging with woven nets to obtain resistant ultra-light packaging that showcases the products, considering consumers want to see what they are buying. Although the road leading to sustainability necessarily includes light materials, many are opting for heavy solutions that, at times, feature different materials. Our motto, however, is ‘the heavier the packaging, the more the waste: so more weight = less sustainability!'”

The new fully compostable EcoGirò solution meets market needs when it comes to visibility, lightness and practicality, so it was much appreciated by the clients who have used it. It is a product that adapts easily to machinery not produced by Girò as well.

“Thanks to the R&D team, we are working on very ambitious projects that use university research supported by state-of-the-art technology. The care of the environment and eco-friendly packaging is not a problem that only concerns single companies or multi-nationals, it is a global challenge that involves the Governments within a wider reform program (Agenda 2030 for sustainable development) to meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly oriented towards options that respect the environment.”

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