Last summer we acquired a contract from Lapietra farm based in Monopoli (BA) – Italy, for the construction of the technical corridor in the new project that the F.lli La Pietra built . Despite it was born as a simple Venlo type glass greenhouse, evolved to reach the top solution for the technological half-closed greenhouse.

The collaboration with PRIVA, one of our partner companies, and Geotec Srl, its dealer in Italy we implemented all the technology of the system providing everything was needed to ensure the function of semi-enclosed greenhouse: forced ventilation and air treatment through the recirculation of greenhouse air and integration with outside air.

The complete treatment cycle, from cooling to heating with dehumidifying purpose, is using horizontal heating coils, that have been designed, built and installed leveraging on the capacity of the PRIVA control system to manage the desired climatic conditions in the greenhouse.

The location is situated in southern Italy, nearby Bari, where the climate presents warm to high temperatures both during the day and night, especially in the summer.

These conditions affect directly the production capacity of the greenhouse.

Even though it is not an extreme climate like the desert, where this technology would find the perfect combination between energy cost and climatic effect, this climatic zone, like others in Italy, in combination with the concept of “zero residue” production, is proving that the attention to performance and energy regime, can be achieved with excellent economic and technical results.

These were the criterias that HTE Srl followed to design their new greenhouse, positining the company as the only italian provider able to offer to its customers the ability to design and build last generation complete / partial systems. A product that has nothing less than what leading Dutch and European companies propose.

HTE offering ensures top quality in technical solutions for plants capacity across all areas: heating, irrigation, cultivation technologies, machinery and equipment choice in almost all production sectors: flowers, plants, vegetables.

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