The most contemporary greenhouse complex in the Russian Far East is about to be launched in Talaya. Cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries are planned to be grown there.

All the equipment has been imported from the Netherlands. The constructions of more than 16 thousand square meters have been constructed in only a few months. The biggest challenge was to adapt the greenhouse system to the low temperatures, that can even go as far as -50 C. That is why heaters were installed in the walls, under the ceiling and even in the soil. At this moment, the growers are busy with the launch, testing the equipment and training the staff.

“Seven thousand square meters will be allocated for tomatoes, another seven thousand for cucumbers and 430 square meters for strawberries,” shared the general director of Arbat company, Mr. Aleksandr Basanksy. “It will be the first greenhouse that grows strawberries in the Far East on such a scale. This will allow the dwellers of the Magadan region to have access to quality products at a reasonable price”.

In spring the growers will start planting. The investor is a major gold mining company that aims to provide the region with fresh produce all year round. It is planned to grow the produce even in the most severe frosts, from October to May.

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