A DELAFLOAT is manufactured using high quality polyolefin materials. The material consists of two layers with small air-filled pockets which allow for excellent floating capacity.

The DELAFLOAT can be manufactured in any desired size and will be outfitted with a smooth and solid frame consisting of air-filled PVC tubes. The frame creates extra floating capacity, allowing the foil construction to carry the added weight of e.g. leaves, sand and other kinds of pollution. In case of a round steel silo there is no need for this frame. Small holes are evenly divided across the entire surface of the DELAFLOAT, permitting rain through and blocking leaves and dirt.

The DELAFLOAT is attached to the frame using straps, with strong elastic attached to the durable plastic poles anchored in the ground. Using the straps and elastic the DELAFLOAT is positioned to allow for variations in the water level.

The DELAFLOAT shields the water from sunlight (UV Radiation), limiting the growth of algae and largely preventing warmup and evaporation of the water. Experience has shown that the DELAFLOAT reduces waves and ground swell, leading to very little precious water being lost from the basin, thus preventing damage to the dikes and minimizing the risk of a dike breach.

Main advantages:
● Prevents growth of algae
● Reduces evaporation of water
● Permits higher water levels through reduced waves and ground swell
● Smooth surface preventing most accretions
● Quick and easy assembly
● Very little maintenance
● Easy to remove for cleaning the basin
● Reflecting top layer reduces warming of the water

More information: www.delaflex.nl