Illumitex Inc., announces the launch of the most advanced Greenhouse luminaires, the PowerHarvest™ W series, providing a widespread light pattern and elevated levels of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF).

Specializing in advanced LED luminares for C.E.A. (Controlled Environment Agriculture), Illumitex continues to fine-tune their LEDs to the photosynthetic and photomorphogenic needs of plants. This is important because growers are making increasing demands of their year-round operations – requiring the addition of superior supplemental lighting to increase productivity while reducing energy consumption.

The PowerHarvest W 10 series emits an industry-leading 1040 µmol/sec at only 600W, while the PowerHarvest W 5 series emits a PPF of 520 µmol/sec at 300W. The PowerHarvest W series are “smart ready” which allows optional wireless dimming controls and user-friendly software for precision growing. These controls allow growers to monitor dimming, light scheduling, on/off switching, and other options from mobile or desktop devices. As always, LED systems from Illumitex come with consulting services by their team of highly experienced and educated horticulture scientist and practitioners.

“Our program is already embraced by many C.E.A growers who see additional value in having us on their team. We offer lighting layouts, implementation consulting, and provide support prior to and after installation. From applying for U.S.D.A grants and energy rebates, all the way through developing LED grow recipes, we are always there for our customers,”
– Chris Hammelef, CEO of Illumitex.

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