With more than 200 million people, Nigeria has become one of the biggest economies in Africa and while its population grows rapidly, so is the need for food.

In the course of 2018, Bosman Van Zaal realised a complete, turn-key tropical lowland, greenhouse project in the Abuja region in Nigeria for the production of vegetables.

The project consists of two tropical lowland greenhouse modules each ½ hectare in size.

Turnkey tropical lowland greenhouse
Engineers and agronomists of Bosman Van Zaal designed this turnkey greenhouse concept specifically to cope with the hot and humid climate conditions of tropical lowland regions around the world. The greenhouses are equipped with a carefully designed irrigation and hydroponic system, fully adapted to the local circumstances. A Hoogendoorn iSii Compact computer provides precision control and monitoring of the production process.

Highwire vegetable crops
Currently, SCL Farm grows conventional outdoor crops such as corn and soya on a hundred hectares of arable land. The board of SCL has decided to dedicate 10 hectares of this land to kick start their greenhouse project. These two greenhouses form the first step towards their larger ambition to reach a total of 10 hectares within the next few years.

These greenhouses are specifically designed to grow highwire vegetable crops, also known as vine crops. During the start-up phase production focuses mainly on tomatoes. Meanwhile, other vine crops such as bell pepper and cucumber are successfully trialled and will soon be planted on a commercial scale as well.

Growing market potential
The majority of the production finds its way to the fast-emerging supermarket sector in and around Abuja. Alternatively, production is sold to the surrounding hotels and restaurants and the lower quality grades are sold to the traditional street markets.

This project not only contributes to Nigeria’s answer for its growing need for food, but it also provides job opportunities and spreads agricultural innovation throughout the region.

Currently, ten persons find a permanent job at this greenhouse project. Once the 10 hectares are in full production, the project will offer a permanent income to approximately 100 persons and their families.

Complete greenhouse including training
Bosman Van Zaal engineered, manufactured delivered, and installed the complete greenhouse project but this is not where our commitment stops. With our strategic partner “Profyta”, specialised in tropical vegetable production, we provided all the required training and capacity building to make this project a success from the beginning onwards.

Modern horticultural concepts, a precision irrigation system, and the use of high quality and robust materials provide customer SCL with a durable and reliable production system.

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