A new version of the Lumina 750 tunnel computer will be available. This tunnel computer ensures optimum climate conditions during phase II and III processes in tunnel systems for mushroom cultivation. A number of controls have been expanded in the new N1.1 version. The Lumina 750 can now control the most complex air treatment installations and therefore fully satisfies the demands of the current market situation.

Greater ease of operation, also via smartphone
Many improvements have been implemented in the new Lumia 750 to make daily operation simpler and more transparent. This offers major benefits for staff and provides additional safeguards during the pasteurisation and phase III processes. Remote control via the PC and even with a smartphone or tablet is now also possible.

Fine-tuned controls
The Lumina 750 automatically controls the optimal climate during the entire pasteurisation and phase III process, from filling the tunnel with fresh compost, phase III up to cook-out. This is done by correctly controlling and coordinating the fresh air, circulation, cooling, heating, humidification and steam. All these control functionalities have been refined and improved in the new Lumina 750. The user can now influence the process more easily, so conditions can be adapted to suit the current situation. The user has more insight and can steer the process more simply to create better compost quality, which is essential for the right nutrient-rich substrate for mushroom growing.

More possibilities
Tunnel companies continue to increase in size, and more and more measurements are being made in each tunnel. To meet these criteria, extra controls have been added to the new Lumina 750. This allows us to offer a suitable solution for each pasteurisation and phase III process. After all, the better the tunnel climate, the better the substrate quality. A properly controlled composting process is also faster, so that users can also benefit from valuable time gains.

Moere information: www.fancom.com/news/updated-lumina-750-tunnel-computer-is-ready-for-the-future