Blossom-end rot is a problem that affects table tomatoes. Finding a variety with a good tolerance can be hard, especially if it needs to combine resistance to TYLCV, TSWV and Cladosporium. When these characteristics must go hand in hand with the need of producing oblong tomatoes that are appealing, well-performing and with yields above average, then the solution is Mr. Green by TSI Italia.

With green single fruits or red bunch options with an average weight of 130-170 g per fruit, Mr. Green interprets a segment that is increasingly appreciated by final consumers, so much so that demand from the big retail chain is increasing.

Technical and sales manager Roberto Mantua reports that “Mr. Green is suitable for spring/summer transplants between April and July all along the Italian peninsula. Even in Sicily, the product is suitable for transplants August to September and December to March.”

“Plants present indeterminate growth, medium-high vigor and good leaf coverage. Setting is good also with high temperatures and bunches are always elegant, with 6-8 fruits growing from a robust rachis with a very high tolerance to blossom-end rot. Excellent yields.”

Video for Mr. Green

“Productive continuity is persistent also on top trusses. Fruits have an oblong shape and reduced taproots. They are full, with a good texture and characterized by an appealing green apple color. When fully ripe, they have a deep red color.”

The high yields and versatility of the product improve its intrinsic value when it comes to shelf-life, texture, flavor and appearance. For producers preferring grafted plants, Mr. Green works better with the Top Gun rootstock by TSI Italia.

Genetic resistance package:
HR: ToMV:0-2/TSWV/Fol:0-2/Va:0/Vd:0/PF:A-E;

For further information:
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Roberto Mantua (Product developer and sales representative for Italian mainland)
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Rosario Privitera (Area Manager for Central-Southern Italy)
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Fabrizio Iurato (Product developer Sicily and Marcom)
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