The ends of the green stems are connected with new leaves, and one seedling is next to each other in the experimental bottle. In the cultivation room of Xisen Sanhe Potato, “virus-free” potato seedlings are being bred and grown at a suitable temperature and humidity.

Since 2018, Xisen Sanhe Potato has begun to breed “virus-free” sweet potatoes. Currently, it can produce more than 3 million “virus-free” sweet potato seedlings and more than 20 varieties of virus-free sweet potatoes in different varieties. This year, the company has sold more than 2 million plants nationwide.

They make use of a smart technology that uses virus-free sweet potato stem apex meristems to cultivate virus-free seedlings. The seed potatoes and seedlings produced by “virus-free” seedlings are almost free of viruses, and the purity of the varieties has returned to the original state. When planted in the open field, the plants grow vigorously, the incidence of field diseases is significantly reduced, and the yield and quality are significantly improved. Normally the production can be increased by more than 30%, or even doubled. Therefore, “virus-free” sweet potatoes are very popular among potato farmers.

Creating jobs
Beijing Xisen Sanhe Potato occupies an area of ​​more than 26 hectares, with 11,000 m2 of tissue culture workshop, more than 100 seed potato breeding greenhouses, and 3,500 m2 of seed potato storage. In the future, the base will cooperate with some low-income villages in Yanqing District to breed seed potatoes of the “virus-free” sweet potato. While developing and expanding the base, it will drive farmers to increase income together. The District Agriculture and Rural Bureau will also accelerate the demonstration and promotion of virus-free sweet potato technology, assist large growers and cooperatives to develop the sweet potato industry, and expand and strengthen the sweet potato industry in Yanqing District.

Ms. Liu Lijuan, director of the Agricultural Science and Technology Service Center of the Yanqing District Agriculture and Rural Bureau, said, “In the next step, we will closely focus on the leading industries in Yanqing District, and work closely with enterprises and bases with a certain scale and influence, relying on the municipal several scientific research institutes. In this light, we can continue to increase the introduction of new varieties, new technologies, and new talents, improve the technological content of the industry and the standardization level of production, and continue to increase the income of the people.