This week it is exactly one year ago that John van der Knaap started his weekly vlogs from the De Ruiter Experience Center. John and one of his regular viewers share their experiences.

From the De Ruiter Experience Center, John follows the cultivation of the tomato varieties Merlice, Marinice and Radiance in his vlogs.

John explains: “Initially we used the means available for the virtual tours of the demo greenhouse: phones, selfie stick, a separate microphone. Now a professional cameraman comes every week. This results in dynamic videos that are even more fun to watch.”

Virtual reality
John continues: “De Ruiter is at the forefront of innovation, including in digital developments. We will soon start with the cream of the crop in digital film technology: the Microsoft Hololens 2. With the Hololens, consisting of 5 cameras, I walk through the De Ruiter Market. Our virtual visitors then watch live via Teams. We have made digital information available for all varieties, such as brix figures and cultivation recipes. The Hololens ‘holographs’ that information, as it were, above the varieties. I can grab such a hologram, down pull and enlarge, so that our guests can have a good look at it. A great innovation, which we are very proud of! ”

A different theme every week
Willem Valstar of StarGrow Consultancy: “I still watch John’s new vlog every week, even though I visit the De Ruiter Garden every two weeks. I find those videos really informative! The vlog has certainly grown. They now have a professional cameraman and the video definitely reflects that.”

What Willem appreciates about the videos is that a certain theme is chosen every week. “For example, the vlog is more than the same round of crops every week. John goes into depth around a current theme, such as an explanation of the strategy surrounding fencing.”

Willem also regularly hears from the growers about the virtual tour: “Most growers do follow the vlog and find it informative and fun. The videos just don’t have to be longer, 3 to 4 minutes is enough.”

Below the vlog from March 19. All vlogs can be viewed on YouTube.

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