As societies flourish and grow, so do the distances. Today, growers can hardly hardly get any seasonal workers from Poland or the Czech Republic, as their demands and their income have grown. Now, the harvest helpers at the Görnitz organic farm in Sörnewitz have come from Ukraine, and even from faraway Uzbekistan. “And at some point there will be no more people to do the hard work,” Managing Director Michael Görnitz tells the Sächsische Zeitung.

Organic production site / Photo: Biohof Görnitz

Obstbau Görnitz is one of the largest German producers of chokeberry with a cultivation area of almost 80 hectares; with expansion plans already on the table. It is the same for the cultivation of strawberries and specialty crops. “We need robots to harvest the apples and the strawberries.” But people are working on this, he said, and his company is participating in the research. Digitalization and artificial intelligence – these are two current challenges facing fruit growers if they want to survive.

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