After 15 years, Greenco is still buzzing with energy and overflowing with ideas. With the creation of The Greenery Growers and The Greenery Retail, there has been a strengthened cooperation between Greenco and The Greenery, in which there is one common goal: work together to provide customers and consumers with the best snack vegetables, whilst maximizing returns for all parties involved. Michel Tetteroo, business unit manager of fruit vegetables of The Greenery Growers and Richard de Jong, commercial manager of Greenco, explain the collaboration.

“Healthy and delicious food”
It has been more than 15 years since Greenco, together with The Greenery, introduced Tommies as the first snack tomato in the Netherlands. This was the start of a completely new category in the fresh produce department: snack vegetables. These days it it hard to imagine shelves without them. Greenco works hard every day to prove that healthy eating is tasty, fun and easy. “We stopped selling and started creating demand,” says Richard de Jong.

“We still see plenty of opportunities to further increase the consumption of snack vegetables and tasty tomatoes, we work on that every day. Growth and innovation are deeply rooted in Greenco. We are part of the chain and think along with our customers, whether it concerns the right taste, the packaging or the most efficient transport,” says Richard de Jong.

Richard is enthusiastic about the new design and working method within The Greenery, whereby The Greenery Growers, and Michel Tetteroo in particular, are the first point of contact for Greenco. “We work well together, there is openness and transparency towards each other. This reciprocal openness creates new market opportunities and new ideas. That is the basis for cooperation that other growers can also benefit from. Take, for example, the broadening of the Tommies brand to other tasty tomatoes. ”

Michel Tetteroo, as business unit manager, is responsible for fruit vegetables within The Greenery Growers. Michel is also enthusiastic about the current collaboration with Greenco. “We are proud of the collaboration with Greenco. We trust each other and that is the basis for good cooperation.” Via The Greenery’s various sales opportunities, Greenco’s snack vegetables find their way to European supermarkets, specialist greengrocers and food service. This gives Greenco very broad access to the international (retail) market. “By joining forces, we are continuously developing markets, opportunities and concepts to successfully bring snack vegetables to existing and new customers,” says Michel Tetteroo. “If that succeeds, it will be a win-win for Greenco and The Greenery.”

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