Russian representatives of Raik Zwaan invite you to attend the webinar on April 28 at 10: 00 Moscow time.

Technology of growing and protecting tomatoes in film greenhouses.


10: 00 Registration of participants. Welcome speech
10:10 Technology of growing tomato culture in film greenhouses Islam Dolov, specialist of tomato culture LLC ” Raik Tsvaan Rus”
11: 00 Technology of growing tomato seedlings in film greenhouses Peter Molnar, specialist in tomato culture in Central and Eastern Europe of the company “Raik Zwaan”
11: 30 Coffee break
12: 00 Solving complex problems of tomato protection from pests Vadim Dudka, LLC ” Agroanalysis”
12: 45 Opinion and experience of farmers of the CBD in growing tomatoes of hybrids Manuza F1, Pinkwin F1, Tiwai 12 F1 Azamatov Ruslan Arsenovich, agronomist of Agrotorg

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