When you see the word, “vegetable,” you will come in mind with green-color. Don’t you?

Nowadays, there are various colors of vegetables such as red, purple, orange, black, and white. One vegetable breeding company in South Korea, Asia Seed, concentrates on the unique color of vegetables. Their strongest crop is purple leafy vegetables such as radish and Korean purple baby Pakchoi.

Small purple radish “Sweet Baby” and bigger purple radish “Purple King”

These days, Asia Seed currently focuses on yellow crops such as zucchini, melon, sweet pepper, hot pepper, tomato, and watermelon. Probably, yellow used to be closer with field crop friendly such as sweet corn or with fruit mango, not with vegetable, unfortunately. However, you should know one thing that there is a yellow side if there’s green one.

Pumpkin; Cucurbita maxima, and zucchini summer squash; Cucurbita pepo, are the example of green with yellow.

“People would be tired of green, so it can be a reason why people would like to consume and buy three or four different colors of sweet pepper at the same time as traffic light” according to Asia Seed.

Different color capsicum sweet pepper

Asia Seed is introducing a yellow variety. Yellow crops have been long with our vegetable history, but they were not the first choice to pick up at the market. Consumers now have various color choices from breeding companies and growers by providing different colors into the market. Although we don’t have any nutrition background data differences between yellow and others, this would be our next homework. Not only yellow color but also different colors will give you something new idea for the future vegetable market consume.

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