Qlipr offers potential in conventional cucumber growing
Cucumber grower Herman Keijsers has been using the Qlipr system since 2003. This grower and advisor is fully convinced: he finds the system simple, flexible, durable and efficient. “We have reduced the working time by about one-third compared with winding. This is part of the reason we can pay back the investment in Qlipr within five years.”

Cucumber grower Herman Keijsers has a 1.8 hectare farm in Veldhoven in the Netherlands, and last year he also took on a share in a 6 hectare site in Ijsselmuiden. Since 2008 Keijsers has also advised cucumber growers all over the world. Thirteen years ago, Keijsers invested in the Qlipr system from Pellikaan Crop Clamping Systems. “The main reason I switched to the Qlipr system is that it is so simple. My employees get to grips with the system very quickly.”

Labour savings
Keijsers believes that, as well as being easy to use, the Qlipr system also brings significant labour savings. “We move the clips six times from planting until the plant is above the wire. We used to wind the plants nine times, so with Qlipr we save three passes. In the conventional system, tying – and securing for the first time – is a bit more time-consuming. On the other hand, clipping during the subsequent passes takes slightly longer. All in all, and set against the traditional winding method, Qlipr reduces the working time by one-third.”

Greater flexibility
According to Keijsers, these savings mean that the investment in the Qlipr system can be paid back within five years. “And the clips last a long time: we are still using the clips that we bought in 2003.” Another advantage is that the Qlipr system offers greater flexibility: “Clipping one day earlier or later is no problem. If I expanded my farm, I would definitely choose Qlipr again.”

More information: www.ugaatbouwen.com/pellikaan-gewasklemsystemen-bv