T.O. Plastics has just launched a new product set: a 1-quart, brandable square pot with tag slots, and a companion carry tray. Expanding the trusted square pot product line to add convenient and durable branding opportunities comes the 450 square pot with tag slots (product #700162C) and corresponding low-profile 10-count carry tray (product #705200C).

A brandable growing system
This 1-quart square pot features tag slots on all four sides and pairs with a 10-count carry tray. The pot’s tag slots are durable and seamless, while the carry tray’s low profile allows for visibility of all branding types: hanging tags, adhesive tags, and stake tags.

450 square pot with tag slots
Building on the proven 450 square pot, T.O. Plastics added tag slots on each side of the pot to provide ample and flexible branding opportunities. Hanging tags of all sizes easily slide into the tag slots on the superior engineered guide ramp.

Or, if you use adhesive labels, the smooth side of the pot is a perfect surface for quality adhesion.

10-Count carry tray
The companion carry tray for these 450 square pots is designed to accommodate a variety of tags and sizes, including hanging tags, stake tags, or adhesive tags. Your plant and brand communication is fully visible while sitting in a reliable carry tray. Additionally, the tray features high center ribs and sloping sides to slough off excess soil to maximize resources and support a cleaner workspace.

Complete growing system
This product duo is designed to support efficiencies in your operation. It is compatible with automation processes: disinfecting equipment, fork systems, and flat fillers – to keep you moving at the speed you are accustomed to.

Secondly, it is press fill compatible for added labor savings. As you eliminate the need to load trays one pot at a time, you can realize up to 75% labor reduction savings. It’s a simple solution that features stacks of pots unloaded from their packaging perfectly positioned to have a tray placed on top. A firm press down on the tray secures the pots so you can lift and flip the tray over with a full set of pots resting securely and comfortably inside.

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