Agrobiotech company Joyn Bio announced the opening of an innovative greenhouse that will help specialists develop new drugs to combat pests and diseases of crops.

With the help of screening, this greenhouse will be able to detect the latest strains of microorganisms, which can subsequently be used to develop modern plant protection products. Photo: The innovative greenhouse will allow the development of new biological plant protection products
Currently, pesticides are increasingly subject to regulatory pressure from the authorities of various states, and pests and diseases are increasingly resistant to chemical means of protection. For these reasons, there is a growing need in the world for innovative biological solutions that offer new ways of influencing pathogens that are equal in characteristics to chemicals.

For example, farmers, regulators and consumers are calling for new organic products. Joyn Bio’s innovative greenhouse is integral to the development of these products and the testing required to bring biological crop protection products to market.

“The opening of the greenhouse marks a step forward towards the development of a broader range of environmentally friendly biological products that address the most pressing problems facing farmers around the world.”
Michael Mille – CEO of Joyn Bio
The innovative 6,048 square foot greenhouse will accelerate Joyn’s crop protection efforts. The facility was designed to provide the necessary microclimate for testing and detecting highly effective strains of microorganisms that can protect crops from pests and diseases. The greenhouse is divided into three segments with high insulation and climate control equipment, which makes it possible to test several diseases and crops at the same time, if necessary. The greenhouse can detect new microorganisms at an early stage, and can also conduct screening work at a later stage, which involves identifying and optimizing the most effective microbes for field trials and commercial development.

“Over the past four years, our team has developed a platform capable of artificially creating microorganisms that dramatically reduce the need for synthetic nitrogen fertilizers in plants. We look forward to providing farmers with a new generation of highly effective biologicals in the coming years. ”
John Margolis – Director of Security at Joyn Bio