During the crop rotation of greenhouse vegetables, a considerable waste stream is released. Royal Brinkman intends to make the crop rotation as sustainable as possible. Think of materials that can be sustainably processed by the waste industry or solutions for reuse. Due to the smart design of the Valent Clip, less waste is created which results in an environmentally friendly clip. Although the clip is made of less material, it is still very sturdy.

The rope grabs are equipped reinforced with anti-slip points so that the Valent clip stays on the rope with less chance of the rope sliding and allows it to handle high plant loads. In the design of the improved clip, suitability for different crops was also considered. Because there are two variants (23 mm and 26mm), the dimensions will ideally suit the crop.

Environmental friendly
Moreover, the Valent Clip has a good lock that is easy to use for growers. It is clearly audible when the clip is being closed. When closed, the clip can easily be opened again. From a sustainability point of view, because the clip is provided with a reclosable opening, the clip can easily be moved when desired. Therefore, no new clip is needed, which results in an environmentally friendly approach. In addition, the Valent clips are made from 100% high-quality recycled material.

Unique design
Arie Alblas, local representative in Canada, explains that it is an optimized clip, with a smart solid design, with optimal rounded edges. Alblas: “The excellent curvature ensures that there is less chance of damage to the plant. It provides optimal guidance and doesn’t hinder the growth of the plant. In addition, through the cleverly created air holes around the clip, there is less chance of Botrytis.”

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