BelOrta has further expanded its tomato assortment. This Belgian cooperative has introduced the Scarlet Red. This tomato is immediately recognizable. It has dark red flesh, a good shelf life, and an aromatic character. The first of these tomatoes will be sold today, Wednesday, 10 March.

BelOrta’s tomato range includes more than 50 varieties. It has classic and snack tomatoes as well as specialties. “BelOrta is constantly looking for tomato varieties that elevate the taste experience,” says Maarten Verhaegen, BelOrta’s Vegetable Sales Head of Division.

“That’s when selecting varieties for both the existing and new segments. But they mustn’t compromise on quality and shelf life. Scarlet Red tomatoes fit perfectly within that strategy. Sales figures show us that people truly appreciate flavor. It plays an important part in how they select which products they want to buy.”

“The Scarlet Red beef tomato is distinctive,” adds Maarten. “It has a wonderful aroma and nice shape. And its flesh is dark red, inside and out.” The Scarlet Red grower is also very excited.

He’s been growing beef tomatoes for many years. He’s eagerly anticipating the first sales. “The tomato has a beautiful dark red flesh color. It tastes delicious too. It grabs your attention at the first bite,” he says.

The Scarlet Red’s launch also ushers in a new Flavor-premium concept. “Taste experience plays a crucial role within this concept,” concludes Maarten.

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