“By reclaiming precious water from the air and continually air-processing greenhouse environments, agribusinesses can now reduce utility expenses and realize more value in healthy crops,” the team with Selu says. The company created patent-pending technologies to reclaim atmospheric humidity, produce renewable energy, and CO2 fertilize agriculture environments to regulate temperature and humidity.

“This is accomplished without the need or expense of costly centralized utility grids or a variety of climate controlling products to regulate temperate, humidity, water, power, and air-flow. Agribusinesses are empowered by offsetting high overhead expenses, through a universal carbon neutral solution”

Their climate-control utility system to enhance plant growing conditions is called “Selu Oasis” and provides agribusiness customers with the ability to grow and harvest food in many more areas than were previously available or viable, thanks to the ability to enhance and strengthen the natural resources required for growing.

By vastly increasing the locations and amount of land available for growers, the Selu Oasis system allows agribusiness providers to reduce overhead costs while achieving maximum potential growth yields. To that end, the company is seeking and intends to launch five pilot programs to support greenhouses, agriculture infrastructure suppliers, and vertical farms in the U.S.

“By providing universal climate control conditions from one solution, our customers will be able to better realize lower utility costs and higher crop yields,” says Jake Hammock, Selu’s founder and CEO. “Now is the time for producers to have a lower universal utility access solution to grow closer to consumers without the hassle of multiple climate controlling devices saturating energy costs.”

“By adapting and using the Selu Oasis technology, our customers will not only receive substantial utility savings but will also replenish the environment through our carbon-neutral solution.”

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