CPS Case Packing Systems in the Netherlands founded in 1988 is an established name in secondary packaging. CPS develops and produces state of the art, high quality and reliable machines which are sold all over the world.

One of our main markets we serve is the fresh and frozen potato industry.

Why can CPS be an added value for your business?

  • We are customer focussed and our people are well trained and knowledgeable.
  • We focus on fully automatic case packing and reduce downtime where possible.
  • We pack flexible products and trays in RSC boxes, cardboard trays, crates, pallet boxes and wheeled containers and even shelf ready boxes.
  • We produce state of the art, high quality and reliable products.
  • Our total packaging lines can be integrated or combined with third party equipment like X-ray scanners, metal detectors, check weighers, case erectors / closers and coding systems.
  • Your products packed more compactly in many cases than is possible by competition or by hand and therefore achieve substantial cost savings (MORE PRODUCT PER M³!!)
  • “When you buy from us, you receive a packaging line that creates the foundations for a long-term, profitable collaboration with CPS.”

Interested what CPS can mean for your company?
Please contact us:

CPS Case Packing Systems
Tel:        +31 495 566 600
Mail :    a.rypina@c-p-s.nl

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