As climate change continues to impact agriculture worldwide, a conference aimed at advancing technological cooperation in agriculture and water was held in Tel Aviv this week with senior government representatives from Israel and Africa along with investors from the United Arab Emirates and Israeli agricultural technology companies.

IMPROVATE Agriculture and Water discussed the challenges facing the UAE and African nations in ensuring food security in the face of adverse climate conditions, and the opportunities for Israeli companies in these countries.

IMPROVATE Founder and Chair Irina Nevzlin said the Abraham Accords, as well as bringing big changes in the Middle East and strengthening relationships, had brought about an opportunity for countries to cooperate and exchange knowledge and expertise. “As Israel’s landscape is very similar to that of the UAE, including the desert areas, the innovative methods developed for agricultural technology in Israel can be a valuable asset and focal point for partnering with the UAE and other Middle East countries.”

Irina Nevzlin, Founder and Chairman of IMPROVATE, and Ronit Hasin Hochman, CEO of IMPROVATE (Image: Yanni Yacial / PRNewsfoto / IMPROVATE.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Alon Schuster said Israel’s desert climate and limited natural resources had led it to develop advanced agricultural technologies that today are at the forefront of global development: “The Israeli agricultural sector offers agricultural technologies to increase efficiency and yields, while generating maximum returns in all fields of agriculture, in challenging climate and soil conditions. Fruitful collaboration will enable us to share our experiences with our partners to a desert climate and to a reality of increasing desertification, and to learn together and share our knowledge and experience to create more efficient and sustainable agriculture that will ensure global food security.”

Yesh Atid Chairman and leader of the opposition, MK Yair Lapid addressed the global coronavirus crisis: “When the pandemic is finally over, we will be left with the global economic crisis. The solution to that crisis will be twofold: Technology and cooperation. The countries that innovate, that upgrade, that look forward, and that work together, will surge ahead. Israel is one of those countries, and so is the UAE.”

IMPROVATE CEO, Ronit Hasin-Hochman: “Israeli water management and agricultural technologies can provide outstanding solutions for countries around the world. We are very pleased that recent peace agreements enable us to facilitate collaborations across countries and continents.”

Speaking from the studio in Tel Aviv, His Excellency Job Masima, Ambassador of Tanzania to Israel called on Israeli companies to come to Africa, noting that the continent has a rapidly growing population, is more stable politically than in the past, and that its economy is on the rise, with five out of 10 of the world’s fastest growing economies located in Africa.

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