In China, there’s also a diffuse glass manufacturer, Henan Yuhua New Material Co., Ltd. who offered rolled plate (Low iron) or figured glass, They call it Raycatch®, this glass is sold by themselves. Yuhua glass offers three types of diffuse patterns with Low haze 20, 30; Middle haze 50, and High haze, 70, 75. All diffuse glass can also be treated with double-sides etching AR layer. With the Raycatch20/30 (Low haze), the direct light transmission can reach to 97.5%, the hemispherical light transmittance is a minimum of 90%. For the Raycatch50 (Middle haze), this is 89% and for the type Raycatch70/75(High Haze) with double-sided AR, the hemispherical light transmittance is 87%.

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