Agnetix has launched Zenith, a new grow lighting series with built-in sensor & imaging technologies. Building on Agnetix A3, Zenith directly integrates plant health sensors and canopy imaging cameras with the Agnetix water-cooled system. With several standard and optional configurations, Zenith provides the ultimate comprehensive view of plant growth and health available, with the greatest opportunity to positively impact outcomes and mitigate crop risks.

Key new sensors and technology:

IR Remote Leaf Temperature Sensor providing critical temperature, humidity, and Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) data.
Reflected Canopy Light Intensity & Color Sensor facilitating precision lighting adjustments
Canopy Distance & Growth Sensor tracks progress and growth rates of plants
Green LED inspection light safely illuminates the grow room for “night” inspections
Coming in Q4:

Imaging Camera captures closeup plant images to detect deficiencies and pests
Advanced multi-wavelength LED Flash & Illuminator with UV & IR inspection capabilities
Agnetix concurrently launched Harmony, an all-in-one environmental sensor that seamlessly connects to Zenith, offering canopy-level measurement of air temperature, humidity, and CO2. Critical plant and environmental information captured from Zenith and Harmony intersect on the Agnetix HMI dashboard, providing both manual and automated analysis capabilities.

“The Agnetix system is the future of decision intelligence and responsive agriculture. We are beyond excited to multiply our system capabilities with the new Zenith series and Harmony sensor, providing growers with the newest, most technically advanced, data-driven cultivation management tools,” said Jordan Miles, CEO, Agnetix.

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