Link4 Corporation, manufacturers of cloud-based irrigation, fertigation, and environmental controllers, continues to bring new products to growers with the introduction of their Sapphire Commercial Irrigation/Mist cloud-based controller.

The Sapphire is a commercial irrigation controller that can be programmed for mist, flood, drip, or standard irrigation applications. The Sapphire is easy to install and program, and with one controller, it allows the grower the flexibility of choosing multiple different irrigation methods (mist, pulse, drip, or irrigation) with each of its 8 outputs. Included is a free Cloud service which enables remote programming, monitoring, and reporting. Customers will appreciate the new grow journal feature which allows growers the ability to receive, log, and report grower notes for each zone.

Link4’s new Sapphire control provides the grower irrigation and mist flexibility in one controller allowing for advanced irrigation management of their crops at a very attractive price.

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