Green Life Farms recently launched a new product: Butterhead Lettuce. As Green Life Farms’ first whole-head lettuce variety, this new product diversifies the company’s product line-up, while offering an opportunity to work in the Florida market, which currently has a limited selection of hydroponic whole-head lettuce.

Green Life Farms’ products are currently sold at more than 75 grocery store locations throughout South Florida, including the largest regional grocery chain and several boutique markets. In addition, Green Life Farms has partnered with one of the biggest meal delivery services in the U.S. to serve their customers throughout the Southeast.

The new Butterhead Lettuce is sold with its roots still attached, helping it to retain flavor, freshness, and nutrients. “With a buttery texture and crisp, larger leaves, the versatile product is ideal for sandwiches and lettuce wraps, as well as salads. Customer response has been strong,” they say.

Green Life Farms also offers baby leaf varieties including Baby Kale, Baby Arugula, Baby Romaine, and Farmer’s Blend.

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